Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Learning Languages Online!

Helloooooo! Long time no post hahaha. Busy as a college student I think. There are many tasks I have to do, Mid Test, Final Test, working group, individual assignment, reading many books, do researches and also hang out with my best frieeends.

As an International Relations student, I have to master some foreign languages (English is not included). In Paramadina, I have to join Second Foreign Language class. There are four options; Chinese, French, Arabian and Japanese. And among those languages students have to choose one. Apparently I want to master all of those languages! But, I couldn't do that :( So i decided to choose Chinese as mine.

Besides, I really interested in Italian. But, some people doesn't do love to choose Italian as foreign language beside English. I have bought some books to learn Italian, but I have some problems about its pronunciation :(

Suddenly, I want to google about The Italian Language Learning Center.. And I found some websites which offer to teach us online! :'D I was really happy I found them! I was trying to learn Italian in some websites and I think that was really amazing and interesting. Some of them teach us about the pronunciation also, by preparing the lesson in the audio format.

Try them ;) I'll give you link. There are many languages there. Good Luck :D

Click Here Guys!

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