Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008

Yearbook Photo Session

Hhmm I want to share to you all. weeks ago (Dec 6th 2008), me and my classmates went to the Waterboom Lippo Cikarang to do a photo session for our yearbook. Our class theme is Summer, so we thought Waterboom is the right place. I was very nervous to think about my class photo session (I’m a yearbook committee represent my class).

Our starting point is at school. We had to arrive at school at 6.30 in the morning. But, like usual there are some students who came very late hhh.

We prayed before left school. We left school at 8.00 am. We’re really enjoy on the trip. we got crazy! Hhh:D

We arrived there at 9.00 am. some of my friends took some photos there. I was busy to buy tickets for them. Argh! I was stress because they didn’t want to hear my instruction. I was in the bad mood at the time. Then, some friends tried to calm me down.

There are so many beautiful sides in Waterboom. It’s so ‘Bali’ hh. I love it so. We took only 3 hours to take photo. And after that, we can play everything there. Nice:) I love it. these are our photos during we had fun there. check it out.

Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

National Examination

Guys. Im in the 12th grade of SHS right now. And I have to face National Examination on April 2009. Oh My God! Can you imagine how stress I am?. I have to study the subject matters that I have learned since I was in the 10th grade until 12th grade. Ooohh there are soo many lessons. Argh! I don’t believe yet that I will face National Examination soon. National Examination heard too frightening for me and you know what? I don’t have any preparation yet. I don’t take any study guide yet. Actually I get lessons from study guide at school, but it doesn’t effective. My class is very noisy so I cant concentrate well. Besides, I don’t have any book about National Examination yet. And the most salient thing is I don’t have any awareness to study at home. I don’t know why, but since I was in the 12th grade of SHS, hard for me to provoke my diligence.

Maybe one of the reasons is because of a boy. Yiahaha! Im loving a boy so I cant concentrate on my study perfectly. I always think of him (omg) everytime. But sometime it can help me to boost my mood become good, so I can have a good enthusiasm in study.

Besides, I have to think about the test to enter my adorable university. I wanna enter University of Indonesia and I wanna take International Law major. Oooh that’s a major which has so many devotees. Because of that Im not sure about it. But nothing is impossible, right? I believe if I do some efforts to pursue it I’ll get it. There isn’t futile effort. God will appreciate our efforts. It’s clear.

Spirit! hhh:D

so~so holiday! hh

oaahhm. this holiday rather boring for me. usually i always love holiday sooo much. but this time? soso. today, i just stay home with my young brother and my parents went out. actually my dad said that he wanted to accompany me to Gramedia bookstore. and now suddenly i miss my classmates, 12 social 1 members. i miss to sleep in the classroom :D, to hear manda grumbles, to see ebi's foolishness, to hear garit yells, to hear kudil calls garit name, to see soo many teachers angry at us, and many more. hmm this life can be boring without them hhh.
i wanna hangout. to somewhere. but i'm puzzle where i wanna go, hhh. there is about a week for me to have a holiday. but i dont have a plan yet.
oh my God. i just remember that i will have makeup written test at LIA tomorrow. oaa! im so lazy to go there. wish me luck, okay!