Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

National Examination

Guys. Im in the 12th grade of SHS right now. And I have to face National Examination on April 2009. Oh My God! Can you imagine how stress I am?. I have to study the subject matters that I have learned since I was in the 10th grade until 12th grade. Ooohh there are soo many lessons. Argh! I don’t believe yet that I will face National Examination soon. National Examination heard too frightening for me and you know what? I don’t have any preparation yet. I don’t take any study guide yet. Actually I get lessons from study guide at school, but it doesn’t effective. My class is very noisy so I cant concentrate well. Besides, I don’t have any book about National Examination yet. And the most salient thing is I don’t have any awareness to study at home. I don’t know why, but since I was in the 12th grade of SHS, hard for me to provoke my diligence.

Maybe one of the reasons is because of a boy. Yiahaha! Im loving a boy so I cant concentrate on my study perfectly. I always think of him (omg) everytime. But sometime it can help me to boost my mood become good, so I can have a good enthusiasm in study.

Besides, I have to think about the test to enter my adorable university. I wanna enter University of Indonesia and I wanna take International Law major. Oooh that’s a major which has so many devotees. Because of that Im not sure about it. But nothing is impossible, right? I believe if I do some efforts to pursue it I’ll get it. There isn’t futile effort. God will appreciate our efforts. It’s clear.

Spirit! hhh:D

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