Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

so~so holiday! hh

oaahhm. this holiday rather boring for me. usually i always love holiday sooo much. but this time? soso. today, i just stay home with my young brother and my parents went out. actually my dad said that he wanted to accompany me to Gramedia bookstore. and now suddenly i miss my classmates, 12 social 1 members. i miss to sleep in the classroom :D, to hear manda grumbles, to see ebi's foolishness, to hear garit yells, to hear kudil calls garit name, to see soo many teachers angry at us, and many more. hmm this life can be boring without them hhh.
i wanna hangout. to somewhere. but i'm puzzle where i wanna go, hhh. there is about a week for me to have a holiday. but i dont have a plan yet.
oh my God. i just remember that i will have makeup written test at LIA tomorrow. oaa! im so lazy to go there. wish me luck, okay!

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