Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

A Gigantic Love

My Dear… If I wanted to, I could come to you when you asked me to.

I have a gigantic love for you and I wanna make sure you deserve it. I wanna see how fate and magic work for us, see how our patience and love survive so that finally we can have more than a love story. We can name it a gigantic love story.

I let the distance becomes longer, in order to see how much you’ll miss me. Risky, yes it is. I know that some other things might happen. You might forget me instead of miss me, meet many girls and the worst possibility is fall in in love with some of them. I don’t let you yet I don’t wanna control you. Remember, I used to tell you that we don’t control each other’s  thing – both mind and heart, our ownselves do. I’m afraid to lose you yet I’m curious about your love for me – so I give you a test, thus I choose to walk on this road rather than fly on fast-track of the air. I deserve your gigantic love, not the ordinary one. Gigantic love or no love, at all.

That’s what I mean, but I don’t need to tell you – even give you hints. Again, possibilities are everywhere. Misunderstanding might get a big chance to come into your mind. You might think that I don’t love you anymore. I know… Moreover, I realize. But, I don’t even want to resist it. I totally let you doing your parts. I want you to learn myself without interfering your mind. I want you to love me without asking you to. Really, I hate asking. Learn about me, because that’s a slice of a round of a gigantic love.

The current situation is… You’re away. You’re thousands mile away, physically – from me. Your love might be away – together with you. I have no idea whether it’s the ending (no-love-at-all ending) or it’s only a part of the episodes.

I don’t wanna guess about what’s really happening, whether ours has met its ending or it still has some more episodes. I have a gigantic love for you, I said. I learn yourself because of my gigantic love and I don’t wanna stop today. This is my part, please don’t interfere. I won’t bother you with my questions while I’m learning, so don’t worry. Direct answers are easy to get, but I’m not interested to them. I hate asking and I’ll find the answer by myself. One day when we meet in person, I’ll show you how I’ve learned about you well. When will we meet? Let the fate and magic work while I’m taking care of my love and patience.

My dear, nothing is futile… I learn you too often. If you know what I mean.


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