Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014


Pikachu, why are you totally silent now?

'Pikapi... Pikachu!!!' That how you sounded your name. You used to fill my days with your noisy yet unbeatably cute voice. Noisy, thus you be such an alarm to wake me up. Noisy, thus you be a distraction from everything I was doing. Noisy, thus you drew a smile on my face when my tears were flowing.

I woke up late, so that you'd feel worry about me and force me to get up. I tried to be super busy, so that you'd feel annoyed and try to get my attention. I even cried hard and made liters of tears, so that you'd bring me candies and do silly things in front of my face.

Where the hell have you gone?
Don't give my candies to other girls, hey! Those are mine. Besides, I don't think there are another 23 years-old girls who love eating candies more than myself does... They're busy with their diets and won't eat those sweet candies. You don't know them, I know.

Your jokes aren't funny, they won't laugh. I was just too nice you, wasn't I?

Come and surprised me tonight, Pikachu. I'm missing you a lot. Also, don't forget about my candies!

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