Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

Everything Can Change In a Blink of Eyes

"My dear, don't laugh too loud... I'm afraid that you'll cry loud after it."

That some word from my father. Now, I know what it means. Something can change, even in a blink of our eyes, as fast as thunder, as easy as you flip your hand and so on...

Times ago, I felt very happy cause of someone. I don't know him well, he doesn't know me either.

He's a participant from an event I arranged for. Many girls like him. Well, no offense... He's handsome. My friends were busy with him, talked about him. But i felt nothing's special, I joined my friends just for fun during the event. Lol.

In brief, secret and amazing way weeks later after the event... we suddenly close to each other. Talk all the time. He even said that he loves me. I'm trying hard to know him better, first. And I never expected that he survives --keep contacting me for months even I responded him with nothing special.

Finally, I responded for his feeling. I said it to him, "I think I love you, too. Even I have to convince myself more". He asked me the reason, then I answered, "Hehe, you have to know that I couldn't open myself and talk much to everyone. I'm very happy cause I could talk to you this open, honest and straightforwardly. I feel comfortable in talking with you. I thought that's all."

Everything went smoothly. We talked almost every time. He sent me morning text, good nite greetings, and everyday we never skipped time to talk. This is perfect... I thought. I'm very happy, happiness that I couldn't describe in words.

Something happened. I don't even know clearly what's that something. All I know, our conversation became cold and not close anymore. We really try to fix, but it didn't work. Again, I have to let the happiness go.

I don't know and will never know what someone saves in their heart.
All I know is, i've drown into this habit and have to get out, soon.

"Coffee and love are best when they are hot."
-German Proverb

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