Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

Let's Runaway! (Little Baghdad, Kemang)

Hours ago, just had fun dinner with my Chibi and Ayi. Yippie! Actually not-so-in-the-mood to step out from my room, but they are my exception then :D

I didn't have to pretend that I'm happy, cause I'll always be happy when I'm with them.
My room will always be a playground -_-
We've planned to go out for dinner and we decided to go to Little Baghdad, Kemang. Actually it's a tea and shisha house, but it has many delicious foods, too. Well, place is in second place... be with them is in the first place.

This is how Little Baghdad looks like. It has outdoor sets too, but I  was too lazy to take the pict hehe

Arabian foods that we ordered

I really had fun there, we talked about everything... Million hugs for you both! ;)


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