Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013

Let's Runaway! (Jogjakarta)

Times ago, I started an adventure. Hahaha actually... at the time I needed to refresh my mind so much. Then, my best friend, Lala asked me to go to Jogja. Lucky me, I had some saving and I agree to do that.

I was really need to bring my (unimportant) over-thought somewhere and leave it there. Well, it worked well. I forgot about him and enjoyed my runaway time with this dearest friend in Jogja... enjoyed it from my first step.

We decided to take a business train that left Jakarta in the morning from Stasiun Senen, called Fajar Utama Yogya. We booked it online and I love this train! Fyi, the train is completed with a charging port and air conditioner. The most important thing is, it's comfortable and clean.

Look like backpackers? hehe

Arrived at Stasiun Senen so early. Thanks Aaron for taking us ({})

Our tickets. Yeay!
Charging port and our childish stuffs. 

We tried to make our trip fun :D 

Documentation is the most.... important!
I was really sleepy at the time, but then this thing distracted me so much. Couldn't stop looking at the... Peaceful view. I wanna kiss them all :3

In 9 hours... We arrived at Stasiun Tugu Jogjakarta. Yippieeee. And we took becak to find a hotel. Just for Rp5.000!
This man took us until we got a hotel to stay :")

We stayed at a hotel near Malioboro. We could walk on foot and shopped in Malioboro. Oh My God.. I love Malioboro to the max! I wanted to buy every stuffs for real..

Then, we met Lala's cousin named Faris that studies there. Faris and his friends took us to Raminten.
With Faris at Raminten
Next day, we explored Jogja by ourselves.
Becak oh becak

We walked on foot in this street

Had some coffee in one of Jogja's cafe

Thanks to my other best friend, Lesly... who let her friend accompanied us during our runaway in Jogja in our last days. They're Angga and Goben. They took us to Alun-alun, accompanied me to pass the gate there with eyes closed and I made it!

They also introduced their other friends to us in the last day. We planned to go to the beach, but for some reason we couldn't make it. So, we go to a place called Parangendhog. And, this is a great place with a great view.
Parangtritis view from above

New brothers! Yeay!
In brief... Jogja is soooo peaceful!

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