Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

What a Shame :(

Unlucky me, I'm still thinking of you until this second.

I went back to our first conversation... I expected nothing at the time. I guarded myself, responded you less because I didn't wanna hope too much on you. Time went by, for some reason I tried to believe on your words, decided to take risks. Even my friends didn't believe on you, I tried to walk on this path and insanely hoped for a miracle. Then I started to build my dream... with you.

You became one of my habits. You might not know, but for me habit is something I loved and addicted to... I felt regret why I was so serious in this. I drown on this, and I knew that you had no idea how much I miss you.

You might laugh on me, now. Might be... you just fooled me and played around with me while I thought that I was the only girl that you talked to. What the hell...

I dreamt too high... I should know that you're not serious and just teased me, didn't you?
You never meant your "I love you", right?

It's not your fault... It's my bad. My bad.

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